EyesPie For PC, Laptop (Windows & Mac)

EyesPie For PCEyesPie For PC works well for users who want surveillance services without emptying their pockets. This application allows users to turn their old smartphones into IP cameras. Users will be allowed to use their old smartphones as a camera device. So it will be good for users to use their computer as a monitoring device and see all the online activities while being at work. Likely, If you are at a coffee shop and want to see what’s going on your property, then EyesPie For Laptop will be the right choice for you. To use this application, a user to has to install it on both devices and enter the same app ID. After that, use EyesPie on mobile or EyesPie on Windows PC, all up to you.


How To Download & Install EyesPie For PC (Windows & Mac)

To download & install EyesPie For PC, you will have to download BlueStacks first. After that, open Google Play Store in it and download EyesPie For your Windows PC or MacBook.

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