Download & Install HiLookVision for PC (Windows and Mac)

HiLookVision for PCHere is how you can download and install HiLookVision for PC and Laptop. It is a video monitoring tool which shows live video surveillance on the device with the help of internet connection. The procedure of connecting the cam with the app is very simple. Just scan the QR code or enter details of the cam in order to configure it.

Just like other surveillance apps, it includes video recording playback feature. Moreover, it supports features such as two-way communication, motion detector, pushes notification and supports ptz control. You can view videos in both landscape and portrait view.

We have tested the HiLookVision for PC Windows and MacBook. It works on Windows and Mac device just like Android Device. If you want to download HiLookVision for PC and HiLookVision for MacOS then you must Install Android Emulator on your PC. Below you can see links to download the emulator for free.


How to Download HiLookVision for PC (Windows & Mac)

Android Emulators are the best way to download HiLookVision on your PC Windows and Mac.




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