iSmart DV For PC, Laptop (Windows 10 & Mac OS)

iSmart DV For PCiSmart DV is a surveillance tool that takes monitoring functions to the upper level. Because it’s not just an ordinary app, you are allowed to perform tons of operations during live feeds. Apart from that, it’s a free application but only served for the iCatch Tech Cameras. So if you own such camera devices, this app is best for remote surveillance purposes.

Yes, you are allowed to watch a live feed on your device, but if you want to save them, your only hope is by doing it manually. For that, you are allowed to select the disk storage location. Furthermore, if you want, you can also watch the old-time saved videos through video playback facilities.

So long so forth, iSmart DV is a mobile application. So we have come up with a solution for our viewers to install iSmart DV For PC. This way, our viewers at 5Downloads will be able to use iSmart DV For Windows & iSmart DV For Mac.

Free Install – iSmart DV For PC (Windows & Mac)

As you know, iSmart DV is an Android app. So you can use Android emulators to access iSmart DV on PC. For this particular case, you need to install an Android emulator and start experiencing iSmart DV on a computer.


Step1: Download and Install Bluestacks on your Windows or Mac. Launch BlueStacks and wait for it to load up.

Step2: Head over to the Home Screen of BlueStacks. You will see an Android device interface on BlueStacks.

Step3: Look for Google Play Icon and click on it. Same as we do on Android device whenever we want to install any app from Google Play.

Step4: Type in iSmart DV in the given filed. Hit enter and wait for the results to show up. Choose the app you are looking for and click on its name.

Step5: On the next page, click on the Install Button right next to the app name. Don’t worry there is no rocket science behind all this when you will see you will get it.

Step6: Once the app is installed you can see it in the BlueStacks app drawer. Click on the iSmart DV icon to launch it.

Thanks, that’s all.

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